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Thumbelina (1994)

A girl no bigger than her mother’s thumb feels all alone in the world knowing she is the only person her size. Her wish for a companion at last comes true when the prince of the faerys arrives at her window sill. However, the niave Thumbelina’s life goes downward from there when a toad kidnaps her. While she tries to find a way home, she begins to grow up and learns about hope with the help of the friends she always wanted.

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    Desrae Aeschlimann (@DezzisCloset)

    you realize this movie isn’t made by disney right? it was created by warner brothers before they were bought out buy disney so when this was made disney had no part in its creation. This movie along with a few others they made had disney like aspects to them in an attempt to keep up with disney and save their company from being bought out (which obviously didnt work).

    • 4

      Of course I realize – that’s why it’s filed under the Non-Disney movies. This site started off with just Disney movies only, but has since evolved to include ALL animated movies that are requested. Hence all the Non-Disney categories. :)

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