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The Little Mermaid (1989)

Loosely based upon the story by Hans Christian Andersen. Ariel, youngest daughter of King Triton, is dissatisfied with life in the sea. She longs to be with the humans above the surface, and is often caught in arguments with her father over those “barbaric fish-eaters”. She goes to meet Ursula, the Sea Witch, to strike a deal, but Ursula has bigger plans for this mermaid and her father.

Updated on September 1 2013 with brand new 1080p BluRay caps!

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  1. 9

    Would you ever screen cap the “Crab-E-Oke” from the bonus features? It’s an odd request, I know…but the artwork from those karaoke videos was STUNNING and I can’t seem to find it anywhere online.

  2. 12

    Thank you so much for this site. It has allowed me to do all kinds of wonderful edits. My IG name is @hipster_aurora if you’d like to see what I’ve done! Also my edit account is @onceuponaedit which also uses your beautiful screencaps. Thank you!

  3. 13
    Nicholas Segura

    Has anyone noticed the errors made on this release:

    * “Walt Disney Pictures Presents” has been placed over the shot of the pink fish swimming away from the ship of being left over the shot of the coral (page 2)
    * The cross fade into Scuttle’s scene is now a quick “cut to” instead of “fade in” (page 6)
    * The end of the “Part of Your World” musical sequence has had two different shots reversed. The shot of Flounder sighing has always followed the shot of Ariel floating down to her rock. Now Flounder is first and the descending Ariel abruptly cuts to her already sitting (page 12)

    • 14

      Someone at the Disney Blu-Ray department needs to get fired. It’s already bad enough that Disney canceled the theatrical rerelease of this wonderful movie, but then they mess up the blu-ray conversion? What a damn shame.

    • 15

      Disney when it comes to Blu-Ray will re-do something if they don’t like the original especially when the filmmakers request it, because the idea of Blu-Ray is to preserve the intended look of the film

  4. 18

    The Little Mermaid is available on Blu-ray in the UK on Monday. Get the UK copy means a month less in waiting for the Blu-ray screencaps of the film to appear on this site.

  5. 19

    I love this website! Do you think it may be possible to get higher-quality Little Mermaid pics after it comes out in 3D this fall? (:

    • 20

      Of course! TLM is my FAVORITE Disney movie so it’s the first thing I’ll do when it’s released on BluRay!

  6. 21

    Thank you so much for this site. I’m writing an article and it would have taken me FOREVER to find all the screencaps I needed from various other sources.

    • 23

      I redone some of the screencaps of one of Wendy Darling’s brothers for my own cartoon character, Sevin Liffey Val. used Peter Pan Screencaps numbers 1657 and 1658. can U guess which Darling brother it is?

    • 24

      i made my character Sevin Liffey Val out of Peter Pan Screencaps no. 1657, 1658 and 1644. i redesign one of the Darling children into Sevin; can U guess which Darling child it is?

  7. 25

    Just wanted to give you a quick thank you for this site in general. it’s awesome and allows me to make my edits on instagram.. i know u mostly just get requestd it seems and thought u would like to know your efforts are very nuch appreciated :) thanks!

      • 31

        And I would be, if this was the first, second, or third time I’d had to remind him of the rules. However, it is not and he is one of a small minority of visitors who take up so much of my time replying to their emails and comments, that it takes time away from doing actual caps. In this case, I’ve told him a dozen times about the To Do list and to please not request anything that’s already listed on there. Unfortunately, like most people I do lose my patience when I have to repeat myself 10+ times and STILL he shows no regard for requesting rules! Apologies if this came across as bitchy to you – but honestly, I’m just one person and sometimes there’s only so much I can take.

      • 36

        Maybe if you weren’t too damn lazy to read the ToDo list, you would have already known that she was planning to do it. And by the way, kindly explain how DisneyLover was being a “bitch” when she VERY politely asked you not to waste her time. The only bitch here is YOU for calling HER a bitch. You owe her an apology. How would you like it if someone called you a bitch after you POLITELY asked them not to bother you with needless things?

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