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Robin Hood (1973)

Retelling of the Robin Hood legend with animals for the characters. Robin Hood is an outlaw who starts to form a gang in Sherwood Forest to fight the injustices of the Sheriff of Nottingham, who levies unpayable taxes upon the people.

Edit: Updated on September 9 2013 with brand new 1080p BluRay caps!

If you like and use our caps, please consider leaving a comment below - we'd love to see what you made with them! :)

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      Ah – I never thought anyone would want to see the old & bad quality caps again. Sorry, they’ve been long since deleted in favor of these much higher quality ones! :(

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    [email protected]

    Nu Ska Du Höra Hela Berättelsen om Kalle Stropp och Grodan Boll på svindlande äventyr Du Kan Följa Mig Din Bok. Då Höra Sina Bladet…Då Höra Sina Bladet Då Vi Du Har Det Dags Att Denna Blad. Då Börja Vi.

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    I’m sorry to say that the BluRay reissue of this and other Disney Classics from this era actually look worse in one key way. The linework of the animated cells, which was xeroxed from the pencil drawings of Milt Kahl and other master Disney animators, loses clarity. When they did these up for BluRay, they ran them through some kind of digital filter that blurs out and thickens the linework. This website was a valuable resource for me when I was studying the draftsmanship of the artists who worked on these films, but now that you’ve updated to the BluRay version here, the screencaps are of no use to me.

    I’m sure most of your other users don’t have this problem, but I thought I’d mention it. Thanks!

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    Andreas Deja

    The 4 x 3 version of Robin Hood looks crisper. It’s a very good transfer.
    The blu-ray will look even sharper, but line quality and colors will change.

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