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Race (2007)

Far in the future, the Interplanetary Alliance staves off threats of war by establishing the high energy Star Car 5000 racing circuit, thereby allowing potential enemies to act out their aggressions on the racecourse. The drivers become celebrities revered everywhere, but ruthlessness rules and the stakes grow ever higher. A victim of corporate betrayal, Team Earth manager Potter (Russel Perryman) still carries deep emotional scars from a long-ago catastrophic crash and has vowed to win again – without the aid of sponsorship. His rag tag crew consists of the only three people he trusts; himself, hardheaded driver, Trance Caldron (James Hereth) and mechanic, Stash (Jane Roberts). At the same time, Planet Tagmatia’s charismatic leader, Lord Helter (Kevin Lewis), is secretly making preparations for a massive military strike against the peacekeeping Alliance leadership, utilizing his planet’s racing team as a convenient way to mask his nefarious machinations. That is, until Team Earth inadvertently stumbles upon his plan when they discover the Tagmatians smuggling military Shocktrooper robots through the Jumpgates, the strategically vital shortcuts through space. Without help or proof of the plot, Team Earth becomes hunted prey for the war mongering Tagmatians. Potter’s dream of winning the Star Car 5000 is fading as fast as his resources. With a pair of adversarial energy beings (Terry Diab) and a duplicitous Alliance Chancellor (H.L. Cannon) complicating the proceedings, the situation turns more and more treacherous with each tick of the speedometer. Ultimately, the prestigious Star Car Championship becomes a mach speed backdrop for a deadly cat and mouse game, with the fate of the universe hanging in the balance. Team Earth must push their car, their team, and themselves to the limit just to survive. In a race between good and evil… Winning is everything.

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