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Chicken Run (2000)

Having been hopelessly repressed and facing eventual certain death at the chicken farm where they are held, Rocky the rooster and Ginger the chicken decide to rebel against the evil Mr. and Ms. Tweedy, the farm’s owners. Rocky and Ginger lead their fellow chickens in a great escape from the murderous farmers and their farm of doom.

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    On page 10, the chickens are getting to their places. But in Toy Story, Andy’s toys are getting to their places, too. That was very similar to it.

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    Chicken Run is made by DreamWorks, I told you. Here some Chicken Run actors is Julia Sawalha (Ginger), Mel Gibson (Rocky), Imelda Staunton (Bunty), Jane Horrocks (Babs), Lynn Ferguson (Mac), Benjamin Whitrow (Fowler), Miranda Richardson (Mrs. Tweedy), Tony Haygarth (Mr. Tweedy), Timothy Spall (Nick), Phil Daniels (Fetcher), and the others. Thank you.

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