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Belle’s Magical World (1998)

Belle’s Magical World comes to life in three charming fantasy adventures presented like chapters in a storybook. In The Perfect Word, a silly misunderstanding between Belle and the Beast leads to a lesson in forgiveness. Then, in Fifi’s Folly, a romantic evening for Lumiere and Fifi snowballs into a thrilling plunge down the mountain in a runaway sleigh. In Broken Wing, Belle urges the Beast to free a tiny songbird as an act of kindness. Enriched with gentle lessons and two original songs that seamlessly fold one tale into the next.

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    Jose Alfredo Bordas

    Hey i suggested that you cant put mor largest screencaps no crappy and the site has many big screencaps and you are considering that if this images are largest is crappy you need to think and i used some largest screencaps to do coloring pages to put in my facebook page

    • 2

      Yeah, the site has other screencaps that are larger because those movies have been released on BluRay – that’s why they’re larger in size. This one hasn’t, so you can’t get caps any larger that still look decent.

    • 4

      Enlarging these small caps will just make them crappy – you can’t enlarge a small image and have it look good, it would look horrible. Enlarge them yourself if you don’t care that they look crappy. :)

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