Alice in Wonderland (1951)


Disney version of Lewis Carroll’s children’s story. Alice becomes bored and her mind starts to wander. She sees a white rabbit who appears to be in a hurry. She chases it into its burrow and then a most bizarre series of adventures begins.

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  • I’ve been using a lot of your resources for my Instagram page (with credit). I’ve been loving and utilizing this site for years. Thanks so much!

  • These really helped with the edits I made. I edited the Cheshire Cat and Caterpillar together. I totally ship them! ♥️

  • I love this movie! Alice is my favorite Disney heroine; she’s very relatable, and her bloomers are quite cute! ^^

  • Thank you for all your time and effort, I am working on a Disney tattoo sleeve for myself and these are amazingly helpful

  • When will Disneyscreencaps start working again? I need them :( ( not to be pushy I’m curious )

  • THANK YOU FOR BRINGING THE SCREEN CAPS BACK—They are wonderful therapy for me at the end of a MURDEROUS work day. And after I look at the screen caps I had been looking at, I put the movie DVD of screen caps I had been looking at in my DVD player AND WATCH THE MOVIE AND FORGET ABOUT THIS SUCKING WORLD WE LIVE IN:):):):)! You can just BET I’ll be buying more and more of Uncle Walt’s flicks until I own ALL OF THEM—EVERY TIME I SEE A DISNEY DVD I BUY IT UP; YEAH, I HAVE SEVERAL COPIES OF THE SAME TITLES AND WILL DEFINITELY BE BUYING MORE AND MORE OF THEM!!! THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH:):):):)!

  • Why didn’t you screencap the ending credits with the rest of the cast members and the Walt Disney Pictures logo? I’d like to show the full cast which is credited. I’d also like to show Joseph Kearns, Larry Grey, Queenie Leonard, Dink Trout, Doris Lloyd, James MacDonald, The Mellomen and Don Barclay!

      • Please capture the ending credits, even if they don’t feature gorgeous artwork or additional scenes.

  • Definately, the Tim Burton version is nothing compared to the Disney version, I never saw it, but it looked like crap, this one ie always the best, did you know that the very first Alice in Wonderland version was a 8 minute silent movie made in 1903, it was the very first movie with special effects, however, it has no audio at all.

    • So, you never watched it, but you still call it crap and the animated Alice is therefore better? I agree that this Alice is wonderful and is probably the most fun adaption of the series, but Jesus Christ have an open mind.

  • i absolutley love your caps! without them i wouldnt be able to create the photo edits i make. i dont know how to send a link so if you have instagram.. check out @disneylight

  • Thanks so much for this site! It is so much easier than trying to make caps on my crappy system at home. This has helped me identify several original drawing! As the doorknob would say “see for yourself.”

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