Frozen (2013) Japanese Teaser Trailer


By special request, the (crappy quality) teaser trailer for the new Disney movie Frozen!

If you like and use our caps, please consider leaving a comment below - we'd love to see what you made with them! :)

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  • hi, admin. can you remove this page? im not saying I don’t like it, and plz don’t hate me, but the Frozen screencaps is already out, so theres no need for this. this is really a waste of space in this website. the quality is crappy, as you said, and we already have a HD one, so plz remove this. I don’t want my fav website to be crowded with unnecessary things that might fill way too much space and crash the website ):

  • Why don’t you shut up and stop commenting on these posts you’re extremely immature and foolish. maybe you should leave and never come back to this site. how dumb do you sound? not only is the cgi movies offline so is the 2d animation. so you’re really not proving anything just that you’re stupid and you keep dragging this conversation on. You keep saying the same thing for like 5 or 6 months now. let it go and stop commenting. lmfao

  • Wow Nick grow up. Your acting like a fucking 5 year old who doesn’t stop whining over stupid shit. Yeah everyone is entitled to their own opinion on what they like and what not, but seriously do you have to keep going on and, on from how much you “despise” it just because its cgi and not 2-d,without giving it a chance? <_< I mean first off, frozen was always going to be made into a cgi from the very beginning not 2-d. So i dont know where you got the idea it was going to be a 2-d version and then they decide to make it into cgi? Unless your talking about the original sketch ideas. ? So stop stammering around and getting all mad because you to immature to judge a movie on how/or what its made of.

    • The movie’s original title was “The Snow Queen” and it was stated to be a 2D film. One of the next big ones after Princess and the Frog. Then Disney decided to shelve the idea for a while until they brought it back out again, and well… you know.

  • “I already hate this movie because of them making it CGI. Don’t expect me to go see it.”

    I can say without doubt that that is the STUPIDEST reason to hate a movie before you’ve even seen it. T_T

    “I already hate you because of your comment. Don’t expect me to ever like you.” -see how dumb that logic sounds now?

  • I agree with Alex and Jeff. Nick, please refrain from making such judgemental comments, everyone is entitled to their own tastes, and this is a friendly website where I will not tolerate such comments. Thank you.

    • Wow, there’s no need to go out of your way to try and make someone feel bad about looking forward to this. Just because you like 2D doesn’t mean you have to hate CGI, and to suggest such a thing is ridiculous and bigoted. Nobody cares of you’re not going to go see it, just leave people be to enjoy it themselves.

      • I hate the fact that this movie is now CGI more than any of the other Disney movies that were CGI, because this is one movie that WASN’T going to be CGI at all. Yes I do love Disney’s 2D animation and miss seeing it very much, so I consider it a low blow towards me and others who miss 2D animation to know that this movie was meant to be part of that until Disney changed it (and while showing no regret for it whatsoever). Therefore I feel like I have a right to be angry at this film, and maybe I can’t help it if I feel like others should be offended by this too.

      • You can feel about it however you like, I’m just saying, don’t be rude to other people here in the comments, and make them feel bad. Just keep in mind there’s a lot of kids on this site, and I’m sure you don’t want to be hurting anyone’s feelings. OK? Plus, don’t forget, there’s a lot of Disney fans out there who could care less is a movie is 2D or 3D, they’re just looking for a fun and excellent animated movie. The 2D/3D thing probably won’t even enter their minds. :)

    • If you loved 2D Disney animation like I do and knew anything about what this movie was going to be, then you should feel ashamed of yourself for even looking forward to this.

      • :( Ouch… That is the kind of thing that people do not want to hear on this kind of website. You are entitled to your own opinion, but please don’t take it out on those who don’t feel the same way. If you are going to make a comment about this sort of thing, at least show some respect to others.

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