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Balto 3: Wings of Change (2004)

The mail in the north used to be delivered by dogsled, but the success of airplane delivery leaves Balto and the other sled dogs feeling neglected. However, when a delivery plane crashes on a mountain side, the sled dogs get the opportunity to show their worth. This story also prominently features Balto’s son, Kodi, who was among the puppy litter that we met in Balto II: Wolf Quest.

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    Dusty looks exactly like Aleu. What was even the point of the second movie if Aleu was ridiculed for looking like a wolf, but Dusty is just as much so? Honestly, all the sequels are utter shit. They ruined a true and wonderful story for the sake of money.

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      They are not /that/ identical. Yes, there are similarities and they did not make Dusty very unique, but still. Aleu has a more wolf-like build, as well as different colors, compared to Dusty who has the anatomy of a husky. Their eyes, ears and overall bodies are different.

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